10 Unusual Scholarships to Apply to Right Now

Right now is the BEST time to apply to scholarships. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to get some money! Financial concerns are one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to planning for college. But there are so many options available that can help you reduce your overall cost greatly! Most people know about some of the more “traditional” scholarships available, but there are so many scholarships out there that you might not even know exist! Some of the following scholarships are for students seeking nontraditional careers or educational paths. Some of them are for anyone, but require something unusual (and fun) when applying. Check them out and see if any fit your college needs! Remember that the earlier you apply to college in general, the better your chances of getting to a school of your choice. And the earlier you apply to these scholarships, the better. Even if the deadline is in March of 2020, for example, applying now gives you an edge and gives you time to apply to more scholarships. Click on each title to go to the scholarship's page.
Remember, we did say these were "unusual" scholarships. But if you have an interest in funeral/mortuary sciences (which could be a precursor to a medical career, a career as a coroner or a mortician), then this is definitely the scholarship for you! You can apply for this scholarship once per calendar year, and recipients can get awarded between $1500 and $2500 each year.
The AFSA awards 10 $2,000 scholarships to high school seniors who are pursuing any degree or trade school education. There's also a $5,000 "second chance" scholarship available for students who have already graduated high school. The winners are selected at random...this is not a need or performance-based scholarship. The scholarship is designed to increase awareness of the life-saving importance of well-designed automatic fire sprinkler systems.
THANKFULLY you don't have to love asparagus to get this scholarship. It's just a clever name to draw attention and reward students who are interested in education related to the grocery industry (business and food management, for example). There are 10 awards available each year, and the award pays $2,000 per semester. Award recipients must retain at least a 2.5 GPA in college.
That's right. A duck-calling contest! If you live in Kansas or a neighboring state, it's absolutely worth visiting in November to try your hand at duck calling in the hopes at winning a $2,000 scholarship. There are also prizes of $1,000 for second place, $750 for third place and $500 for fourth place. The scholarship fund was created to honor legendary duck calling champions Chick and Sophie Major.
Ever have a fantastic idea for an invention? This scholarship was designed to encourage students who are interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (and really anything else). For this unique scholarship, you can apply as a team or as an individual. Fairly straightforward, this scholarship requires an essay describing your invention in detail. There are three awards available; the minimum award is $7,500 and the maximum is $15,000.
This super fun contest is available to both high school and college students, as well as students who have participated in accredited homeschool programs. It's pretty simple... you use your imagination and creativity to design a greeting card, and the winner gets at $10,000 scholarship!
This is a unique scholarship in that students of pretty much all ages are eligible! Students from K to 12 can enter their doodle in hopes of winning national, regional and state awards. One national winner gets a $30,000 scholarship, $50,000 for a technology package that goes to their school or a nonprofit organization, a trip to Google HQ in California and some Google swag. Also the national winning doodle will be on display on Google's home page for a day.Four national finalists will also get a $5,000, a trip to Google and some swag.
We'll ignore the fact that Amish people don't believe in technology or the Internet (the scholarship fund was actually started by someone with Amish heritage). You do not have to be Amish to get this award. Nor do you have to have a crazy long beard or be good at making furniture... You do, however, have to have at least a 3.0 GPA and have applied to FAFSA already. You will need to write an essay, and winners are subject to a criminal background check. Two awards of $500 each are given out each year.
Named in honor of the late medium and parapsychologist Eileen J. Garrett, this scholarship is awarded to students who are interested in pursuing parapsychology as a profession. The scholarship is unique for sure, but the application process is pretty standard, with an essay required and three letters of recommendation.
The FMA, Flying Musicians' Association, is a foundation dedicated to helping high school band students who have a passion for flying. While this may seem like a ridiculously specific niche, the foundation has given out thousands and thousands of dollars each year. You must 1) be a high school band student, 2) be nominated by your music director and 3) have a passion for aviation. The award varies year by year.

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