3 Reasons to Hire an Education Consultant

Let’s face it--college planning can be a scary topic. It can be stressful and full of emotion for all involved. Parents want to help their children along this final stage of childhood and transition them to adulthood, including paying for their college education, while balancing normal family responsibilities. They are excited for their child’s next phase of adulthood while at the same time mourning the end of their journey as children. Students are trying to figure out what to do with their futures and how they are going to pay for it, while trying to not get lost in the stress and confusion of college planning. They are excited about the possibilities the future is promising, and also scared as to what it will look like and how they’ll achieve their dreams. It is no wonder that lots of families are now hiring education consultants to help them manage the seemingly overwhelming endeavor of college planning. But how can you know if this is the right move for you?

1. Cost

When you are starting to prepare for college, the last thing you want to think about is another added expense. So why would you hire and educational consultant when theoretically you can do all the work on your own? Well for starters, the process of applying to college involves a lot more than just filling out some applications. A good education consultant will know the ins and outs of the whole process of college planning, which is a complicated, time-consuming and stressful process on your own! Consultants will be able to guide you through the whats, hows, and whens of the various steps and requirements you will need to go through to get accepted into the college of your choice. In the long run, the small investment in educational planning could save you a lot of money, and definitely a lot of time!

2. Peace of Mind

With a trusted consultant guiding you on your journey, you can have the peace of mind knowing that important information and deadlines are not being overlooked. They will be able to guide you to the best options for scholarships and aid programs to help with the cost of college. They will be able to help you determine which schools are the right fit for you to apply to. You will be able to rest easier knowing that you are not alone in the process.

3. Time Saving

Another important benefit to hiring an education consultant is the amount of time you will be saving. Ultimately, no matter how much you may know about college planning, you only have so many hours in a day. Your regular obligations don’t disappear when you begin to prepare for college. The process can take a lot more time and effort than you anticipate. This generally leaves you with much less time than you need to create and implement a solid education plan on your own. The right education consultant will do the background work for you, like researching scholarship opportunities and planning a schedule of crucial deadlines, while keeping you informed and prepared about upcoming requirements and steps along the way. This can free you up to focus on the other aspects of life while still preparing you for success in the process.

Get Help!

You will have all kinds of resources available to you as you start on your academic journey. Counselors, teachers, parents and advisors are all there to help guide you. But, sometimes it can be very hard to even know where to start. As an education consultant, my specialty is helping students figure out the best approach to achieving academic success--whatever that means for each person. I have a four-step process that takes a lot of the stress out of the college admissions process, and I can help provide some clarity and help you build an impressive academic portfolio that you can use when you start applying to colleges. Don't hesitate to reach out and we can have a free consultation about your needs and concerns, and we will get to work getting you into the college of your choice.
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