Why do I need an educational consultant?

People choose an educational consultant for a variety of reasons, but they all have something in common. They need help figuring out how to help their children get into college and then how to pay for it. The approach at Prepped For Success is to help parents find the best path for their students personally by developing a customized educational plan based on their educational values and goals.

What services are best for me?

All clients need to do the initial consultation, unless they choose the video session option. From there I can help you determine which additional services will best fit your needs. Each of the services in the general consultations build upon each other, but depending on where you are on your educational journey, you may not need all the sessions at that given moment.

What's the difference between a live consultation and the video session?

For each service there are both live consultation and video session options. They cover the same content. However, the live consultation will be more personalized as the advice and education plan will be customized to you.

Can I switch between live consultations and video sessions?

Yes. Since each format covers the same content, it is possible to switch between both types of consultation. However, if you have done a video session without the initial live consultation, you will need to complete the Session One live consultation to move forward. Then I will be able to determine which other services you will need.

Why would I want to choose the video session option instead of a live consultation?

Video sessions cover the same content as the live consultations. They are ideal for you if need a more flexible schedule than the times available to do live consultations. They are also great if you do not feel it is necessary to have more personal guidance. However, you can choose to do a live consultation after watching any of the video sessions if you would like or need additional, more personalized advice.

Is there a multi-student discount for families who have more than one student?

No. The live consultations and video sessions work well for families with any number of students, but education plans are very personalized and customized to each individual student. You may have more than one session if necessary for each student in your family.

Can I get the video sessions or live consultations as a package at a discounted rate?

No. As with any type of counseling it is important that you feel the fit is right, both with the content and me as your consultant. With each session being separate, if you do not feel Prepped For Success fits for you, there is no obligation to continue.