Initial Consultation - Free 30 Minute Session!

Why Prepped for Success? In this 30-minute free consultation, I will talk with you, get to know your specific situation, and tell you a bit about myself and how I help people along their academic journeys. It's a no-pressure, informal one-on-one conversation where I help you understand what to expect in the rest of my sessions, and give you some advice on how to approach your educational path.

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Why Choose Prepped for Success?

Session 1 - Determine Your Destination

This session begins the process of prepping for your personal educational success. During this session I will help you build a framework for your customized education plan by helping you define your educational values and goals and your personal idea of success. This framework sets the stage for the next steps in developing your own education plan. *It is necessary to complete this session before you take any other sessions.

Session 2 - Find Your Path

This session is focused on helping you create a personalized education plan to help you achieve both the short and long term goals you have set for yourself. I discuss the various options that you can utilize in developing your student’s customized education plan, including financial obligations and resources, school and course selections, scholarships, internships, service projects, and employment.

Session 3 - Start Your Journey

During this session, I will guide you through the process of implementing the various parts of your plan. I will help you organize your information about financial resources and important deadlines to keep you on schedule to achieve your goals. I will discuss proper test preparation, college interview preparation, and writing the perfect essay for the college application.

Session 4 - Destination Success!

In this session I will help you complete the final details of your journey to success. I discuss the topics necessary to understand in order to pick the best school for you based on your customized education plan. I discuss how to research colleges, pick your top five schools, and plan college campus visits. I also discuss how to build your education portfolio to showcase you as the ideal student candidate.

Session 5 - Homeschool Consultation

This session is for families who are considering homeschool and also families who are already homeschooling and need some guidance. I discuss where and how to search for homeschool laws in your area. I help you explore the various styles and methods available. Also during this session I help you determine how to select curriculum and programs.

Session 6 - Scholarship Consultation

During this session, I will discuss various scholarship opportunities you can explore and apply to. This session is customized to your specific needs and is in addition to the scholarship information discussed in previous sessions. If you would like more personalized help in actually applying for certain scholarships, additional sessions may be scheduled with a maximum of three hours assistance.