• Help families understand the various school options available so they can make the best decision for them.
  • Help students determine an action plan for achieving both their short and long term education goals.  This includes proper course selection, appropriate extra-curricular activities, and options for help with college funds (scholarships, internships, etc.)
  • Help parents and students understand what’s involved in planning and preparing financially for education. (I am not a financial advisor, so this information is more generic in nature.)
  • Help students with scholarship and internship research and applications.
  • Help students choose the best college for them.
  • Help families who want to homeschool determine their education philosophy and style, research and choose curriculum, develop family and individual education plans including schedules and daily lesson plans, and other questions or concerns that arise.
  • Tutoring for students K-12 with various needs and education goals across all major subjects.

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Why Prepped for Success? In this 30-minute free consultation, I will talk with you, get to know your specific situation, and tell you a bit about myself and how I help people along their academic journeys. It's a no-pressure, informal one-on-one conversation where I help you understand what to expect in the rest of my sessions, and give you some advice on how to approach your educational path.

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