3 Very Important Things to Understand About the College Admissions Scandals

3 Very Important Things to Understand About the College Admissions Scandals

As you are probably well aware, the college admissions scandals are a hot topic in the news right now. It has brought to light something that, honestly, lots of regular families have thought for a long time. The deck seems stacked in favor of the privileged few. But what I hope you can also see is that getting into your preferred college is difficult for just about everyone, even the wealthy. And hiring an education consultant can be a valuable resource as you prepare to take your own journey to college planning.

1. This is Not the Norm

While there IS a big scandal still dominating the news headlines, remember most college planning consultants are not part of that group. Every type of business offers the opportunity for nefarious players to ruin everyone else’s reputation. But they are not in the majority. Many education consultants chose this career because we are passionate about education and helping others. We have knowledge and wisdom that can help others achieve their goals and dreams, and that is a personal measure of our success.

2. The College Application Process is Stressful for Pretty Much Everyone

The college application process is hard for everyone. These wealthy families who seemingly had it all still saw the challenges of getting into their school of choice as very difficult to overcome. The lesson we can all learn is that, college planning is serious business and it is always a good idea to get the right help on your side as you go through the process. Having a trusted education consultant as your partner is a great resource that you will not regret.

3. You Don't Need to 'Come from Money' to Get Into a Great College

Investing in your child’s education is crucial for their future. A (relatively) small financial investment of hiring and education consultant can have large returns in both money and time. An expert education consultant can help you navigate the journey of college planning. We can help alleviate fears and stress associated with the process and keep you and your child on the right path to success. While it may seem like an added, unnecessary expense in college planning, if you average out the cost versus the benefits of having someone dedicated to helping your child achieve their dreams you will see that you are getting a great return on your investment.

Get Help!

You will have all kinds of resources available to you as you start on your academic journey. Counselors, teachers, parents and advisors are all there to help guide you. But, sometimes it can be very hard to even know where to start. As an education consultant, my specialty is helping students figure out the best approach to achieving academic success--whatever that means for each person. I have a four-step process that takes a lot of the stress out of the college admissions process, and I can help provide some clarity and help you build an impressive academic portfolio that you can use when you start applying to colleges. Don't hesitate to reach out and we can have a free consultation about your needs and concerns, and we will get to work getting you into the college of your choice.
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