Prepping for Success | College Prep in Summer

Prepping for Success: College Prep in Summer

Summer is often used as a time for part time employment to help save for college. While there are many high school summer programs you can seek out in your area, I have some helpful tips to remember as you work for your future.

Follow Your Education Plan

If part of your plan includes you contributing a certain amount to your college fund, then make sure you stick to the plan and put the money you earn in some type of savings account. You can often have your financial institution automatically set aside a designated amount from your paycheck each time you get paid so you don’t have to remember to do it. Also, as tempting as it may be to dip into your college fund for other expenses, remember your goals and stick to your plan. Haven't solidified that plan yet? That's exactly what I'm here for! Visit my contact page and message me about an face-to-face consultation.

Tuition Help

Many businesses offer tuition help to current employees. Check into the requirements and stipulations in order to be able to utilize this benefit. You often must be an employee of good standing that is past the probationary period of new hires. But different establishments will have different requirements of how long you have been an employee and how many hours you work to qualify.


Several major corporations today have scholarship programs for current employees. Do some esearch to see if your place of employment is one of them. Then follow their rules and guidelines to apply. There is a lot of help with scholarships for college out there, but you do have to do some legwork.

Letters of Recommendation

As a reliable employee, you can have the benefit of asking your direct supervisors for letters of recommendation that you can use for future reference. Even if you're not employed full-time throughout the summer, there are summer programs for high school students (volunteering, etc.) where you can get letters of recommendation to add to your portfolio.