Why Hire an Academic Advisor?

As a veteran homeschooler, I am often approached for advice and mentoring, and I love to help. But many people can get turned off when they realize that I offer educational consulting and academic advising as a business, which has a price attached to services. But I encourage you to consider the following. Just like you would pay an accountant or financial advisor for financial advice, a lawyer for legal advice, or a fitness coach for physical fitness advice, it is perfectly normal to pay an academic advisor or educational consultant for advice and guidance when it comes to education. You should seek out friend groups for support and mentoring, but an educational consultant offers more than just a word of encouragement from time to time. As an educational consultant my business goes far beyond that. I offer help in schooling choice - public vs. charter vs. private; traditional vs. homeschool. I break down the pros of cons of each, I also help you determine your own education values and goals. I help with course selection for students who are trying to decide how to structure their high school education plans so they get them to their desired goals for life after high school. I help families understand the world of homeschooling and then offer help with curriculum choices and education planning that coincides with their specific family values and goals. I help with finding and applying for scholarships and internship. I also offer tutoring services. While you may have access to different sources that offer limited, surface level encouragement through your personal connections, I give you in depth help, answering questions you didn’t even know to ask, showing you choices you didn’t know existed, and a wide range of services you often times do not know you need until it’s too late get them.

Thinking About Homeschooling?

One aspect of my consulting business is that I offer services specific to homeschooling. Many times, people interested in homeschool and families new to it seek out advice and support from veteran homeschoolers. This is great! We love to help! As an educational consultant though, I offer more in-depth help and guidance than just giving you my opinion on my favorite curriculum and the ones I absolutely despise. While it may seem unnecessary to spend money up front with an educational consultant, the overall cost is minimal in comparison to the amount you could spend in poor curriculum choice. I usually recommend 2 to 3 sessions to get you going. Besides giving you guidance and answering any immediate questions, I spend separate time researching curriculum and extra-curricular projects and activities to help you develop custom education plans for your family as a unit and each individual child in your family as separate, distinct students. I have known many families over the years who constantly overspend on curriculum and activities trying to find what works for them through trial and error. I have friends who have spent literally thousands of dollars for one year of school because they didn’t know how to choose a curriculum. They mistakenly take their friends’ and mentors’ opinions and advice as gospel truth, even if it is not presented that way, thinking they can follow a particular formula to clone someone else’s “successful” homeschool and produce child prodigies. They do not realize that they can and should create their own education plans developed out of their own education philosophy, purpose, and goals. Often families quit before they have given themselves a chance to adapt to this new way of life. My services can help avoid these harsh and needless stressors and costs. My services, which cost $50 a session, can help you determine your personal education philosophy and goals, which then give you the guidance in curriculum choice, family and individual education plans, and extra- curricular activities. With my help, you can easily spend less than $500 for your whole family for a year covering all these areas. While there is no guarantee on exact pricing for your particular needs, I can help you make wise education decisions that fit your needs and circumstances while saving you from poor and costly financial choices.
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